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Terms and Conditions of Hire

Definitions :

“the Cottage” shall mean White Sands, Morar

“the Owner” shall mean the owner or owners for the time being of the Cottage who accepts a booking request from the Hirer

“the Hirer” shall mean the person or persons who enters into a booking for hire of the Cottage

“the  Hire Fee” shall mean the amount payable to the Owner by the Hirer for  the temporary occupation of the Cottage for a period of hire agreed  between the parties, made up as to an initial deposit of £100 payable at  the time of booking and the balance to be paid no later than six weeks  before commencement of the Holiday Period

 “the Holiday Period”  shall mean the period of hire agreed with the Owner and shall commence  at 4pm on the date of hire “commencement date”) until 10am on the date  of termination (“Departure date”) of hire.

Where Hirer consists  of two or more persons, obligations expressed or implied to be made by  or with them are deemed to be made by or with those persons jointly and  severally (this means that they will each be liable for all sums due  under this agreement and not just a proportionate part).

1. General

The  Owner permits the Hirer to occupy the Cottage for the Holiday Period in  return for a hire fee (payment of which is required in advance) and to  use the furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery, glasses, bedding and  towels as provided in the property by the Owner on the commencement  date.

2. Payment

a)            The Hirer must pay the hire fee.    If they paid by cheque they must be cleared funds no later than 6 weeks before the  Commencement Date.

b)            If the Hirer fails to pay the hire fee and/or security deposit in full no less than six weeks before  the commencement date, then the Owner reserves the right to cancel the  booking and retain the deposit paid by the Hirer.

c)              If the Hirer books the Cottage within six weeks of the commencement  date, the whole of the hire fee shall become immediately payable, unless  agreed otherwise with the Owner, and if not paid immediately, then the  Owner reserves the right to cancel the booking.

d)            If  the Hirer cancels the reservation no later than six weeks before the  commencement date, then the Owner will retain the deposit but no further  amount will be payable by the Hirer

e)            If the Hirer cancels the reservation less than six weeks before the commencement  date, then the whole of the balance is payable by the Hirer (net of the  Security Deposit) and in those circumstances, if the Owner obtains an  alternative booking for the same Holiday Period, then a full refund will  be payable to the Hirer, but without creating any obligation on the  Owner to find and secure an alternative booking to replace the Hirer’s  booking.

f)             The hirer must have vacated the Cottage,  with all his family and effects, by the end of the Holiday Period (that  is to say 1000 hours on the Departure Date). Failure to do so may result  in the Hirer being charged a further day’s hire fee calculated  proportionately by reference to the published hire fee and the Security  Deposit may be used in part or in whole in respect of the additional  cost.

3. Keys

The Owner will issue to the Hirer  one set of keys to the Cottage on the Commencement Date and the Hirer  must return them to the Owner on the Departure Date. If the Hirer loses a  key the Owner will replace it upon the Hirer paying the reasonable cost  of having a replacement cut.

4. Hirer’s  obligations

                          The Hirer must:

a)             keep the Cottage and the furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery and  glasses clean and in good condition and the bedding and towels in good  condition and be responsible for repairing any damage;

b)            not cause any damage to the walls, doors or windows of the Cottage;

c)              not do anything that may reasonably be considered to cause a nuisance  or annoyance to the Owner or to any other occupier of adjoining or  neighbouring premises;    

d)            Not allow pets on the furniture or on the beds

e)            Not to allow any pets to remain in the property unattended

f)               The Hirer must not use the Cottage except for the purpose of a holiday  by the Hirer and those persons notified to the owner and in any event  no more than 7 persons during the Holiday Period and not for any other  purpose or longer period.

g)              The flowers and plants in the garden are not to be picked or pulled up.  

h)            No washing is to be hung out or left to dry outside the Cottage [except on the washing line provided]. 

i)               The Hirer’s car, motor cycle or other vehicle must only be parked in  the parking space marked as allotted to go with the Cottage.

We  are happy to have one dog stay with us, but if you take more than one  dog there will be a £20 charge per extra dog. This charge is for the  added cleaning. 

5. Owner’s obligations

The Owner must:

a)             allow the Hirer and his family enjoyment and use of the Cottage for the  Holiday Period free of interruption except in emergency;

b)             provide clean bed linen and towels, drying-up cloths, soap, an initial  supply of lavatory paper, washing-up liquid, soap powder and cleaning  materials as reasonably required during the Holiday Period.

6. Early termination

The  period of hire may be determined before the end of the Holiday Period  by the Owner without notice in the event of the Hirer being in material  breach of these terms  or if the Cottage becomes uninhabitable by reason  of an event covered by the Owner’s  Insurance Policy;  and in such  circumstances, the Owner will communicate  details  to the Hirer.  In  the case of determination otherwise than by reason of the Hirer’s  default, the Owner shall return to the Hirer the appropriate proportion  of the Hire Fee attributable to the then unexpired remainder of the  Holiday Period.